I’m an animal and nature lover. I have visited this place more than ten times:) This was my thirteen or fourteen times. In this March- me, papa and our rent family thought to go Nandankanan Zoological Park in Odisha-India. It is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday. So,we went on Sunday. Sunday and special days like New Year, its many tourists visit here, as it is a good place for picnic spot. It was Sunny time, sun was above the head, the park was looking more beautiful, I couldn’t control myself to take pictures of this place. I uploaded some of those pictures here. You can see it –

Butterfly Garden





Black Bear


White Tiger






Next time, again when I will go to any zoological park will click more pictures……………..


Girls and boys  always wait for a job while studying. I also waited like this. For maximum people first step to success in career is a Job.

Today is the first day in the office. Since, childhood, I also see lots of dreams like you. One of my dreams was – Job, going office, doing work in office, etc… , today this dream came real. After completing graduation, I selected in a government Telecom firm in S & M post. First, I didn’t have much knowledge in Sales and Marketing as I’m an Electronics and Communication Engineer. So, before going office, I searched on Wikipedia and Google about sale and marketing and about my office also.

My journey to Office

I asked a shopkeeper how long this office is from here.He told only 2 minutes to just walk straight and at right side you will get the office. I told him thank you for the information. I started walking as the shopkeeper told me, I reached to my office at last. I took a deep breath for few second. I entered inside the office. I was thinking whom to ask – which floor to go and what is the room number of S & M. That time, someone whispered – Trupti (2 times). I turned and saw my friend who was also selected in the interview. We both went to floor 2 with lift. I am very much excited. We both walked to recruitment room. I found their few of my friends who also selected. Staffs in that room congratulated us and shown as the respective post room. I have gone to my S&M Room. I met the director of S&M. As the two candidates selected for S&M so according to that director given my Marketing post and to other colic Sale post.

The Director took me to General Manager of Marketing. He asked me some question like- What is your objective? What you know about Marketing? Can you work in Marketing? I answered all answers nicely and confidently 🤔. He told to give a handwritten application about joining to Assistant Manager. I met him and completed all formalities and procedures. He met me to my boss who is SD of marketing. I got a little bit nervous because I have seen on TV that boss are little bit strict. But, I was wrong my boss and all staffs are nice and kind. My boss shown me my work and taught me for an hour related to my work.

Really, my work is very interesting and I’m a little bit more confident than before because now I’m self earning. And I am so crazy that done a list for shopping😂.

Share your first day of office in below comment. I will be very glad to hear from you about your experience in first day of office:)



I am very lazy in cooking, especially when mommy is at home. One fine day I was alone at home. At evening time, I felt very hungry and searched food in the fridge and all containers. At last,I found Pasta and Bombay Mix from one container. Before few years, I cooked pasta and the taste of pasta was- oh no who will eat this dangerous pasta. It was very bad in taste really. I thought,this time again the same thing will happen. But unfortunately, this time luck was with me. I cooked pasta very well. And little proudly I will say this time my pasta will be eatable by anyone. You want to have a look on it. Here it is-


This is my yummy chummy Bombay Mix-Pasta. For a good flavor I added Bombay Mix(Indian Snack Mix) and onion with tomato sauce. By writing these thing watering is coming from my mouth. Think how I behaved after cooking.I couldn’t stop myself. I finished the dish less than 3 minutes:)

I’m planning what to cook next……..


Super moon is a full moon or new moon. This Super moon occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in one line and the Moon is the nearest approach to Earth. One of the closest super moon occurred on 14 November 2016 since 26 January 1948. And the next Super moon is expected on 25 November 2034.

SUPER MOON-14 November 2016             


I have taken these pictures from terrace with the help of mobile phone.



At morning, me and my parents reached Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam Railway Station. You are thinking now I reached Puttaprathi? Yes, I reached a small town named Puttaparthi at Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh (India). The original name of Puttaparthi was Gollapalli. It is a holy place with the friendly environment surrounded by visitors from corners of the Earth. This place offers natural beauty and fragrance of the surrounding beauty.The official language of this place is Telugu. But for tourist and visitors there is no problem in language as both National and International languages spoken and understood here due to presence of National and International devotees and visitors. I met some Chinese,Korean,African,American,Australian, etc…. I didn’t find any language problem and they are so friendly and nice that I felt as the whole world is so wonderful. From Railway Station to Prasanthi Nilayam we went through Auto (lots of travelling facilities are their likes cabs,auto,buses, etc…). We arrived Prasanthi Nilayam within 15-25 minutes. Before entering Prasanthi, seva dal or guards checked everyone bags, so we were standing in a queue. After checking bags we entered inside the Prasanthi. This place is like heaven surrounded by clean,discipline and peaceful environment with Temple, Canteen, Bakery, Guest House, Garden, Shopping Mall (for both Men and Women separately), etc… We booked a Guest House. At evening time we went to Darshan Hall. It was a huge hall. We all went into a queue inside the hall. It was a Godly place and awesome memorial for me.



The next day we went to some beautiful places like-

Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium:

It is a cricket stadium with 25000 capacity. This stadium is owned by Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. I looked whole stadium. It was so divine and beautiful place that I can’t express in words. Some pictures I posted here of these places.



I found statues of the Lord Jesus, Lord Hanuman, Lord Buddha, many more.. its located near stadium. I was counting how many statues are there, but unfortunately I can’t find how many statues are here. It looked me like stars in the sky. It is so amazing place for me.





Near this stadium, we found the Chaitanya Jyoti Museum,Sanathana Samskruti Museum, Sri Sathya Sai Space Theater-Planetarium and Sri Sathya Sai Hospital and Institute Prasanthigram (which is free charged for all).



Inside the Museum,camera was not allowed so we cannot took the real beauty of these place. I can just say now, if you are visiting Puttaparthi please visit these places specially museum and planetarium.


DSCN2826 (2)










Next Tour-Hyderabad

After a few days we took a train ride for Hyderabad, as we had a round ticket.But the train was delayed so we were waiting at the Station-Waiting Room. I was watching the view of the station, platform and the crowd. Some beautiful Muslim girls were sitting near us. They were sitting as a circle and eating some home-made food (I guess).  I’m a girl, but I was staring at those beautiful girls who hidden their faces with the help of Burqa when their husbands came to them.I felt sad,because they didn’t show their faces to world like us.After sometime train reached to the platform.We went hurriedly and found our seat.I slept as I reached to my seat because it was night- time nearly 12 or 1 PM and I was feeling so tired and sleepy.



We reached Hyderabad on morning. We went to a Punjabi hotel. The food was so delicious.Yes, I’m foodie:). We booked a hotel, got fresh and kept our luggage and went to visit Golkonda Fort. It is a round shaped hill and a historical place which was first built by Kakatiya Dynasty. Now it is a tourist place and many film shootings are done here.This fort listed as an archaeological treasure.





The fort is encircled by an 11km long outer wall.So brilliantly this placed is archived. Thereare lots of forts in India and Golkonda is one of those Fort.



In this place,a South Indian Album shooting was going. For these beautiful hills and architecture background many film and album shootings are done here.



These stairs are so wonderfully designed. This stair had more than two hundred steps.






As we were so busy on knowing the history of this fort and roaming that we taken a few pictures. So next time, when I will go again to these places I’ll take more pictures and upload here.

Last Tour-Shirdi

We stayed in Hyderabad for eight hours only.At night we left Hyderabad as our ticket was in Shirdi. Our train reached the station at the next morning. We reached hotel with the help of a taxi. As I was very hungry that time, so I found South Indian Restaurant nearby hotel, we ordered dosa. Seriously, it was delicious a dosa with sambar and chutney. After breakfast we moved to places like Dwarkamai, etc.









These pictures are of Dwarkamai. Inside Dwarkami camera was not allowed.So taken pictures of outside only. We stood in queue to take Darshan of Shirdi Sai. The Temple is not only beautifully designed outside but inside also so nicely designed.

Chauri Utsav-Shirdi

At evening Chauri Utsav was there. I have seen Chauri Utsav well. It was so crowed but all were in discipline. Chauri Utsav celebrate on every Thursday.

Janmashtami-At Shirdi

Janmashtami celebrate every year as a Sri Krishna birthday- which was an Eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.


Peoples gathered to decorate Dahi Handi.But unfortunately we can’t see this festival celebration here as we returned before Janmashtami. I have only seen decorations from balcony of hotel.

Oops! I forgot to say about Shirdi-Shirdi is a town in Ahmednagar District in Maharashtra. The Official language of this place is Marathi. Shirdi is famous for Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. Many celebrities also visit here-like L.K Advani, Priya Dutt, Shatrughan Sinha, Shilpa Shetty, etc…

If anything, I will remember more about these places which I not mentioned here- I will update ASAP:)


She is a light
Who brought us to this colourful world
She is a light
Who learned us to walk
She is a light
Who played with us absent of our friends
She is a light
For whom our home bright.
She is a light
For whom we get delicious foods and we loves to eat it
She is a light
Who always stands with us in any obstacles.
She is a light
Who laughs with us and cries with us
She is a light
Who worries if we are sick
She is a light
Who always sacrifice her happiness for us
She is a light
Who protects us from dark
She is a light
Who cares us even if we hurt her
She is a light
Who looks beautiful without any makeup
She is a light
Who is gorgeous

“She is our mother only

Respect her”